What a wonderful year it has been!

I have been reflecting on all that has happened in 2011, and am amazed at what G-d has done.
We had a wonderful opportunity to go on a music ministry tour to Australia from February to March.  We did 16 churches in 14 days. We arrived in Sydney, then flew to Perth, then Adelaide, then Brisbane, then Melobourne and finally back to Sydney.  It was AMAZING to have been invited to do Messianic music, share testimony and speak a bit on the Jewish roots of the Christian Church, and see many eyes open to something new to them.  Praise God for that opprtunity.

We have been traveling around the US as well, Branson, MO, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, All of Florida to name a few, and with all that, God allowed us time to record and release our new CD "Walk On Water" which has received wonderful reviews.

Most of you know that 2012 will be another wonderful year, as we allow the Lord to use us as He leads.  Regarding the Cuba trip, here is an excerpt from Paul Wilbur's blog
"Some of you know by now that Cuba was postponed…not cancelled because of a last minute funding issue that arose. We are working on dates for Feb/March right now, and I am confident we are going soon."

May our Lord to continue to grow us all in Him, as we submit to His will.

Happy 2012 everyone!
Deborah & Vince

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